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September 14, 2017

SAGE Takes Loving, Caring Activism to the Streets at Pride Celebrations Across the Country

SAGE motivated tens of thousands of LGBT people across generations to step out at Pride celebrations nationwide. It was a summer of firsts: In New York City, SAGE partnered with Airbnb to bring a trans elder to his very first Pride. While in Talkeetna, Alaska, a town of 900 residents 100 miles north of Anchorage, 300 members of the LGBT community participated in its inaugural Pride event. Varied in theme and locale, Pride gatherings from St. Louis and Tulsa to Albuquerque and Chicago, all had one thing in common. SAGE was there in force with the unified message of “We Refuse to Be Invisible!”

SAGE Milwaukee


SAGE Milwaukee

Pride NYC
SAGE New York


SAGE Center on Halsted AARP Illinois Affinity SAGE West Suburban Senior Services Howard Brown
SAGE Center on Halsted, Chicago


SAGE of the Desert
SAGE of the Desert, Palm Springs


SAGE Tampa Bay Pride
SAGE Tampa Bay


Theo Hutchinson and David Russell at Pride
At right, Theo Hutchinson, Airbnb winner, with David Russell at NYC Pride


SAGE Alaska
June 26, 2014

Portraits of Pride: Lolita

To celebrate Pride month, we're sharing “Portraits of Pride” featuring SAGE participants each week throughout June. This week we're introducing Lolita, the alter ego of Al, a SAGE Participant. With her silver sequins and megawatt smile, Lolita sparkled in more ways than one during our photo shoot!


Al came to SAGE about two years ago, and given his flair for performance it's no surprise that his favorite activity is acting class! He enjoys other activities as well, though, like helping the theater desk obtain complimentary tickets to shows in New York City.

We were so happy to be graced with Lolita's exuberant presence for our photo shoot--she definitely looks ready for a party in this portrait! 

-- Posted by Kira Garcia 


June 19, 2014

Portraits of Pride: Jimmy Harris

Pride month is underway! To celebrate, we're sharing “Portraits of Pride” featuring SAGE participants each week throughout June. This week we're introducing Jimmy Harris, an actor and SAGE participant who charms both on and off-stage. 


Born in Richmond, Kentucky as the ninth of ten children, Jimmy remembers that his mother encouraged him to move away, saying "You're out of here! You're going to end up in a big city--you're going to learn how to eat frog legs and lobster!" 

True to his mother's prediction, Jimmy moved to New York City at age 20 in the late 1960's, drawn by a love affair with a well-to-do man. He remembers that he experienced a "shock of luxury--that I was willing to adjust to very quickly! It was a magnificent journey."

Eventually Jimmy graduated from Fordham University and moved into the professional world. After being fired from a job at insurance company for being gay, he built a successful career as a court reporter, then left it to pursue his dreams of show business. Despite being offered a partnership in the firm he worked for, Jimmy knew it was time for a change. "I had to take the road that would liberate my soul and not stifle my personality," he remembers. "I didn't want to be in a suit five days a week."

Jimmy's brave choice paid off; he's had a successful career as an actor, having performed in a few films and about 25 plays over the years. Though he's now retired, Jimmy says he's tempted to return to acting from time to time, so keep an eye out for him on Broadway! If you don't see him onstage you'll find him at The SAGE Center, where he meets friends for dinner two or three times a week.  

-- Posted by Kira Garcia 

June 12, 2014

Portraits of Pride: Frances Gordon

Pride month is underway! To celebrate, we're sharing “Portraits of Pride” each week throughout June, featuring SAGE participants. This week we're introducing Frances Gordon, a lesbian originally from Georgia who has called New York City home for so long now that it "feels like forever".


Frances stays fit with a regular workout routine, but she loves a good party, too. She remembers past Pride celebrations at a women's bar called Bonnie & Clyde's, which was on West 3rd Street in New York City (you can read more about it here). 

Bonnie & Clyde's closed in the mid-1980's, and Frances remembers that women's bars were sometimes hard to keep track of. She says that they opened and closed so quickly that "sometimes they only lasted a month or so".  Regardless of the location, Frances celebrates SAGE Pride with grace and a terrific smile!

-- Posted by Kira Garcia

June 5, 2014

Portraits of Pride: Michael Roberts and Michael Johnson

Pride month has begun! To celebrate, we’ll share a “Portrait of Pride” each week throughout June, featuring SAGE participants. This week we're introducing Michael Roberts and Michael Johnson, who were photographed in their home. 


Michael Roberts (left) and Michael Johnson (right) have been together for more than thirty years, having met at a party when, as Michael Johnson says, “Michael [Roberts] went to meet the host—I went to flirt with everybody!” More recently, they became the first gay male couple to be legally married in New York State.

Michael and Michael live together in a historic Harlem townhouse that they’ve lovingly restored, and have been SAGE participants and treasured friends of the community for decades. 

-- Posted by Kira Garcia